Boris Dennler
CH-1700 Fribourg

+41 76 462 52 37

Over the past ten years, Swiss designer Boris Dennler has developed a highly personal and playful form of design.
A self-taught craftsman, Dennler navigates freely between styles and references; he is just as ease in recycling found objects as in shaping highly technical and precise forms.
An enthusiastic iconoclast, he relentlessly strives toward redefining the status of the object and its form, and has no inhibitions when it comes to opposing the appearance of a piece of furniture with its precise function.
To dim the light of his fist lamps designed in 2004, the membranes made of Tyvek® paper had to be crumpled and smoothed, thus redefining their shape with every use.
Tetanos Lamps, a subsequent series, combined wall lamps, lampshades or suspensions made from old rusty objects, thus endowing them with a function, a form and a status that were entirely new.
In a similar spirit, Dennler has designed a series of seats made of old radiators.
As an archetypical object of the upcycling movement, pictures of those seats were published all over the world -in blogs, interior design magazines and social networks.
Wooden Heap, the most iconic piece of furniture imagined by the designer, is featured in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Boris Dennler’s work has been exhibited abroad, notably in Paris, Milan and Brussels, and has been acquired by private and prestigious collectors such as Uli Sigg in Lucerne or the Pierre Bergé Foundation. Boris Dennler works for both private and public clients.